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Simply natural & affordable tips, from a girl that's tried it all!

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allergy living

Simply natural & affordable tips, from a girl that's tried it all!

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hello there

I'm an Aussie Graphic Designer, Health and Nutrition Coach.  My lifelong allergies and endometriosis lit my passion for Allergy Living and Simply Natural Health. Thanks to my integrative medical team I'm now healthy enough to share my passion!


I love sharing simple Allergy Living tips in Health, Food, Body, Beauty, Home, Cleaning, Love, Travel and more, plus businesses creating affordable allergy-friendly things that make life lovely (with or without allergies).

Nutrition Coach 2019 Aus Institute of Fitness

Health Coach 2012 Inst Integrative Nutrition

Yoga Teacher 200hr 2014 Aus Yoga Academy

Bachelor Industrial Design Hons UTS 2006

Graphic Designer 2010 to now

As a designer, I love creating things as much as all things health.  I'd be delighted for you to check out my Allergy Living ebook or subscribe to my email.

I also love working with clients in the health & wellness field to create beautiful content, photography and graphic design. See my design work at and get in touch with me! 

Why #allergymacgyver? Because Allergy living needs creativity, a sense of humour and an I'll figure it out attitude. So join me on Instagram and let's get sparkling!

Izennah xo

my ebook

I'm delighted to share my Allergy Living ebook with you and a lifetime of simply natural tips in Health, Home & Cleaning, Body & Beauty, Style & Life (plus stories from a girl who's been there!) #allergymacgyver

Get started with a shopping list of my affordable everyday essential, and links to all my favourite (mostly Aussie) products. 

Latest Blogs
including guest posts for Cottonique Latex-Free Clothing
What else will you find in Naturally Healthy
Health & Food

Health, food & fitness tips for living with allergies, from finding a doctor to spoiling yourself!


Are you ready for a simply natural, allergy-friendly body & beauty makeover?

Home & Cleaning

Create your allergy-friendly home with my favourite products, and cleaning tips for every room.

Allergy Living Favourites
Cotton Candy Cone
Sensitive Choice

An Aussie certification for Asthma & Allergy friendly products from air filters, to low VOC building, home & cleaning products.

Orange Tones
Koh Cleaning Products

This life changing Aussie innovation makes allergy & eco-friendly cleaning affordable & so easy! $10 off your first order here.

Cotton Candy
Health Lodge Byron

My incredible team including GP's, chinese medicine & naturopathy that help me with allergies & endometriosis.

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